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Paddle Tennis Rating System

Wondering what level might be appropriate for you?  The following table may help you gauge your approximate level based on your stroke ability and previous racquet sport experience. A PPTA professional will also gladly help you figure out an appropriate level for you.

PTRS Level Player Description Traditional Men’s Divisions 
1.0 This player has no tennis experience and is just starting to play paddle tennis. They are learning how to keep the ball in play.  C, Series 28-32
2.0 This player has obvious stroke weaknesses but is familiar with the basic positions for singles and doubles play from a limited amount of tennis experience. This player needs on-court experience to develop. C, Series 28-32
2.5 This player is learning to judge where the ball is going although court coverage is weak. Can sustain a short rally of slow pace with other players of the same ability and get their serve in consistently.  B, Series 28-32
3.0 This player is fairly consistent when hitting medium paced shots, but is not comfortable with all strokes and lacks execution when trying for directional control, depth, or power but can hit overheads, volleys and lobs.  B, Series 28-32
3.5 This player has achieved improved stroke dependability with directional control on moderate shots, but still lacks depth and variety. This player exhibits more aggressive net play, has improved court coverage, and is developing teamwork in doubles.  B, Series 20-27
4.0 This player has dependable strokes, including directional control and depth on both forehand and backhand sides on moderate shots, plus the ability to use lobs, overheads and volleys with some success. This player can get the serve in consistently and teamwork in doubles is evident. Average tennis players usually fall into this category after playing paddle tennis a few times.  B, Series 13-19
4.5 This player can handle pace, has sound footwork, can control depth of shots, and is beginning to vary game plan according to opponents. This player can hit serves with depth and spin to force weak returns. Aggressive net play is common in doubles. Experienced 4.5 tennis players can start at this level.  A, Series 8-12
5.0 This player has good shot anticipation and frequently has an outstanding shot or attribute around which a game may be structured. This player can regularly hit winners or force errors off of short balls and can put away volleys, can successfully execute lobs, drop shots, overhead smashes and has learned to use the serve and return as a weapon in singles or doubles.  A, Series 4-7
5.5 This person has previously played tennis at the highest levels or is a paddle tennis player previously ranked high in the A Level and may have won an A Level USPTA tournament in the past. All high A level players should be playing at this Open Level post-2012 due to the new PTRS format. OPEN, Series 2-3
6.0-7.0 6.0: This person is a very experienced paddle tennis player who has competed at Open or Pro levels in the past.7.0: This person is a world class player who has won Open Level tournaments in the past.  OPEN, Series 1

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