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WPTC / Volley Subscriptions

  • Sign up for a WPTC/Volley Subscription through WPTC Events
  • Cost is $100 / 3 month subscription period (no prorating)
  • Limited number of Volley subscriptions available to preserve user experience & accessibility
  • Subscriptions are available to current WPTC league members only
  • The player with the Volley subscription must be on court for all reservations made under their account 
  • Subscription periods:
    Summer (June 15-Sept 15)
    Fall (Sept 15-Dec 15)
    Winter (Dec 15-March 15)
    Spring (Mar 15 - June 15)

Machine Reservations

  • Reserve the Volley machine through CourtReserve
    Note: The Volley machine will not function without a valid Volley subscription for the machine at WPTC - please do not reserve the machine if you don't have a current Volley Subscription
  • The machine will not be available to book if Court 5 & 6 are already reserved
  • From the Home page in the CourtReserve App:
    • Select Resources
    • Choose an available time for the Volley machine (max. 30 mins)
    • Confirm your reservation (which includes court time)
    • You reservation comes out of your 120 minutes / day court time allowance.  You can still book a court for 90 additional minutes - ideally not courts 5 or 6 so that other subscribers have the opportunity to book the machine
  • Cancel your reservation in the same way you would cancel a court
  • Volley reservations appear in blue on the schedule so that they can be differentiated from regular court reservations
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