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Planning for the 2021-22 Season

Returing 2020-21 WPTC Day or Night League Members

Existing members, who were fully rostered as players on a WPTC team for 2020-21, are guaranteed a place on their existing or a higher series, provided they register within the specified priority timelines. We will not displace existing club players to accommodate new members of a similar caliber. Any exception to this policy will be communicated with the player concerned directly, by the end of May.

The placement committee will use multiple inputs for discussion when meeting, including feedback from our pros and committee members, match records and the March 2020 ladder.  

Any player who believes that they are grossly misplaced can request that the placement committee review their team assignment. Such requests should be emailed to Greg by 4/30/21.

Priority registration period: July 1-16, 2021
Team placement cannot be guaranteed after this period 

Players interested in re/joining a team

If you are interested in joining (or rejoining) the club, please reach out to Greg O’Neil (gregoneil@winnetkapaddle.com). All new players will be asked to complete a play assessment with one of the pros and an existing club member(s).  This includes players that took the 2020-21 season off for COVID, health, family, or any other reason. The deadline for asking for an assessment is July 17, after which we will do what we can to accommodate. Preference will be given to early applicants.

The placement committee will consider all prospects and places will be offered, on a rolling basis, based on fit and space availability on existing teams and/or new teams.  We will not know exactly where we have space until our existing members have had the opportunity to register, and other prospective new/returning club members have committed to  joining the program. 

Registration for players (re)joining the club opens on July 1, 2021 and is by invitation only.

New player assessments are already underway; do not delay contacting Greg if you are considering (re)joining the club!

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