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Men's Play Options

We welcome new and experienced paddle players to join our club!

There are a number of options available for men to play paddle at the WPTC:
    • Join a CPTC league travel team
      (Advanced Beginner -> Advanced players)
    • Join a North Shore league travel team
      (Beginner -> Intermediate players)
    • Double-dip and play in the CPTC & North Shore leagues
      (Advanced Beginner -> Intermediate players)
    • Join as an associate member
    • Private & semi-private instruction with a Pro
    • Sign-up for a paddle class with the Winnetka Park District
    • Play in the Men's Spring League

Unsure what the best fit is for you?  Email Colin Cross (president@winnetkapaddle.com)

Membership Fees & benefits

The CPTC Travel League

The Chicago Platform Tennis Charities (CPTC) travel league is the preeminent men's platform tennis league in the greater Chicago area with approximately 45 clubs participating in 31 different series.  The league starts in late September and runs for 18 weeks before wrapping up in early March with the play-offs. 

    • WPTC had 25 men’s teams competing in CPTC during the 2022-23 season at a range of levels extending from beginner to professional. 
    • Men’s league matches are played on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights (Series match night), from approximately 6:30--10pm. 
    • Team practice is at the discretion of the team captain(s) and members.
    • Balls, food and league fees are included.

The North Shore League

  • Our successful North Shore League plays against nearby clubs such as Wilmette on Sunday nights from 7-10pm. 
  • This league will include players in levels 3.0-4.0 (CPTC Series equivalents of 13-31), with the same play format as the CPTC travel league (but without any long-distance travel!). 
  • Balls, food and league fees are included.  

The Double-dip

Sign up for the CPTC week night travel league and also play in the North Shore League on Sundays. Option is subject to availability.

Open Play & Paddle School

All club members are invited to attend Men's Open Play (Saturday 8-11:00am).  Sign up weekly through the Calendar.

Paddle School (Sunday) will by available Fall 2023

for entry level through advanced beginner players.  Click HERE for more information.

For more information on joining a team, please contact our men’s committee at menscoordinator@winnetkapaddle.com.

Refer to the Paddle Tennis Rating System chart for some guidance on appropriate/anticipated placement based on racquet skills & experience.

Men’s Team Coordinators:

 Series 1-11Dave Nimick
 Series 12-22Brad Birchmeier
 Series 12-22Mark Warren
 Series 23-30Tim Clark and Chris Dasse 
 ChairColin Cross

The Men's Spring Paddle League

The 2023 WPTC House Spring League begins on Wednesday April 4th and will be played on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.  You will be assigned to a team that will play on the same night each week.  The season runs for 10 weeks.

Members can sign up for our Spring House League.  If space permits, non-members can sign up beginning on March 19th. 

Contact Mike Benson at mbenson@winnetkapaddle.com for more information.

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