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Match & Drill details

2023-24 Season Dates

 Open Play starts  :   Saturday, September 23
 Day League Drills begin  :   Week of September 25 
First Fall WNL matches  :   October 9
First Fall WDL Matches  :  October 12/13
 End of Fall session  :   Week of  December 11
Start of Winter session  :  Week of January 
End of Winter Session  :  Week of March 

In-House Program

We are in the process of revamping our in-house program - please check back for more information

Email Chris with any questions

Open Play

Women's open play is on Saturday's from 10am-noon (Sept-May)
Click here for more information  

CNSWPL League Match Days

 Series A-H



 Series 1-7



 Series 8-12



 Series 13-16



Drill Fees
(Required for Day League only)

Weekly team drills are 90 mins long with 2 Pros

Fall Session (11)  : $385 billed & due by 9/30
Winter Session (9)  : $315 billed & due by 1/1


All league players are required to renew/register with the APTA before league play starts. The fee is $35

APTA Membership Account

Catering for Home Matches

Teams are required by the league to provide appropriate refreshments for their home matches. 

Each team is responsible for coordinating and organizing catering themselves.

Day League Drill Times

Series 1
Tuesday 8:30-10am

Series 3
 Tuesday 10-11:30am

Series 5
Tuesday 11:30am-1pm

Series 6
Monday 11:30am-1pm

Series 8
Monday 10-11:30am

Series 9 
Wednesday 10:30am-12pm

Series 12
Monday 1-2:30pm

Series 15
Tuesday 1-2:30pm

Series 16

Wednesday 9-10:30am

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