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Reserving & Cancelling Courts

We have a new court reservation system!  Effective September 1, 2021 all court reservations will be made and managed on the CourtReserve system.  

Please note that calling the Ice Arena to reserve courts is no longer an option.

All active club members will need to create an account on the new system which will the be sent for approval before being activated.  Once approved, members can use their account to reserve, amend or cancel courts within the limitations of their particular membership type.  

Click HERE for the CourtReserve website, or download the app:


Please contact Paul Schwartz or Tanya Hussey if you are having problems with your court reservation account.


NOTE:  Courts become available to book exactly 7 days (5 days for associates) before.
i.e. A court reservation for 6pm on Tuesday can only be made at 6pm the previous Tuesday.

Reserving Courts through the App

  • Log into your CourtReserve Account 
  • From the Dashboard, select Book a Court
  • Scroll to the date and time you would like to reserve a court
  • Tap the time you would like to start your reservation
  • Enter all of the relevent details on the Create Reservation screen
  • Click on the SAVE button 
  • Check your confirmation email for details

Cancelling Courts through the App

  • Log into your CourtReserve account
  • Select My Reservations on the dashboard
  • Click on the Upcoming tab at the top of the scfeen
  • Select the reservation you'd like to cancel or edit
  • Select Edit Reservation or Cancel Reservation as appropriate.
  • Enter reason for cancellation (optional)
  • Click on the Canceled tab at the top of the top to confirm cancellation.

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