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Open Play & Skills Drills

Open Play

Open play is a fun option for meeting and playing with other club members.  Sessions are organized and facilitated by on-site club pros.

Open play is available to all active WPTC members.  Sign up is through the club calendar and there is no fee for attending.

Men    Saturdays 7-10am
  Sunday 7pm
 Women    Saturdays 10am - noon

  First Friday night of the month
  October -> May

Skills Drills 

Skills drills are one hour drills focused on a particular core paddle skill set.  Skills sets include screens, lobs and overhead targets.  Attendance is limited to 5 players per court.  Ball feeds and instruction is tailored to specific skill level.

Drills cost $25/player/drill

Sign-up is through the club calendar

Men's Sunday Paddle School

For entry level up to the advanced beginner players looking to play with a plan. 

Topics covered include basic stroke techniques, positioning, strategy, and tactics such as:

  • Beginning Point Play – Serve, Return, First Volley
  • 2 Most Important Shots In Paddle – Drive & Volley
  • Using the lob to set up the drive
  • Defending against the drive
  • Captain & Navigator – Who hits the overhead and why?
  • Using the screens
  • Rules of the game

Sundays from 6:00 – 7:00PM

Cost is $25/player/session

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